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Grateful Dead - Logotipo gigante de robar tu cara Pegatina

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Grateful Dead - Gigante roba tu cara Pegatina

¡Este es un gran ladrón! Una pegatina redonda de 11" (casi tan grande como un álbum de discos).

La imagen más icónica de Grateful Dead que existe. The Stealie, Steal Your Face, SYF, pegatina. ¡Dondequiera que coloques esta pegatina, todos sabrán que eres un imbécil! Esta es una pegatina de mylar resistente. Mercancía con licencia oficial de Grateful Dead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Ellsworth
Representin' in the RP

Retired to the Philippines. Truckin' with an ugly Suzuki Pickup. Slapped on of these on each of the front doors and 5 bears dancing across the tailgate. Wish we could post pics here. But yeah, the Stealies are too big to miss.

Keep on Truckin' brother!

The Buss Marker

When the 'demic' ended, and Dead n Co kicked off the tour in Raleigh NC, "The Buss" we were travelling from Upstate NY needed some fresh adornments. "The Buss" (actually a nice full size Winnebago) was a bit large for a 5" SYF. There were other stickers and markings of my Club Prez and wife's travels as well. Any DH immediately recognizes a SFY or any other icons from The Dead regardless of the size or the mosaic of others. At Willie's Outlaw fest at SPAC in September we sat on The Buss, it came up that the Buss need a upgrade and thus, I just handed off, as a sorta Xmas gift, the 11" Mylar SYF. So when we come outta Winter into the Warm weather concert kicking season, the Buss will be sporting the Bigg SYF for those who can't see the 5 incher through our advancement in chronology in age or those left to wonder what the extra large sticker they seem to have seen somewhere before, in unmistakable prominent. TY Fred

Robert stautz
Dead Head

I got a Buss parked in s a field , I nedd 2 giant passenger door logos ,
Also a giant set of dancing bears .
Lightning bolts . And what ever you have to dress out this truck .

I say it’s a buss ,it’s really t bob end tractor trailer truck . And in the sprit if I keeping the Dead Alive I’m looking to pimp out this truck to keep wood stock alive . The truck sitting on side of hill county road , bikers and corvette runs drive past it every week weekend. Can you work me out a deal on all the neede art work above.
River Stautzenberger
2455 Kimberly Dr pipe creek Tx 78254 .
Your priced are fair , I just a old hippy
Looking for a bit of help at achieving my Dead Head / 18 wheeler dream road marker.